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I've had an interest in stock car racing since the 60's when I used to go to the Pinecrest Speedway in Toronto Ontario on Saturday nights.  We used to look forward to the "big boys" coming in from New York, Ohio, Michigan, or even Cayuga (just 100 miles away) for the "big races".   Pinecrest was a quarter mile, paved track with a concrete outside wall.

If you think the racing was bush league, think again.  Richard Petty ran his first NASCAR race in Toronto.  Jr. Hanley raced there on occasion, and the 1974 NASCAR Winston Cup Rookie of the Year, Earl Ross raced there on a regular basis.  The "Daytona Don", Don Biederman showed up for all the special events in those days as well.  My roots are in short track racing.   I took many photos at the track but they have all disappeared over the years.

My only personal racing experience came in go-karts at Shannonville Motorsport Park, many years ago.  It was in a 4 stroke division, and no, I didn't win anything, not even one race.  But I did have fun!

I have visited Pocono for the past 2 years for the Pennsylvania 500 and intend to go again this year (2005) as well as going to Richmond VA in May for the Chevy American Revolution 400 Nextel Cup race.

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I like to play along in sports pools.   Of all the pools I play along in, Virtual Thunder gives me the most enjoyment.   I am able to enter NASCAR Nextel Cup, Busch Grand National and the Craftsman Truck series.  Within the same pool, I also enter F1, IRL, ARCA, ASA, CASCAR and the World of Outlaws series.  And you can play it all for free!  This pool also has series for local tracks all over North America, so if you follow the late models or super modifieds at a track near your home, you can have a pool going at your own track.  Even if you are more interested in dragsters, motorcycles, heck, even snowmobile racing, it's all there.  If you log on and don't find your local track or series that you follow, email Dave at and he'll set it up then all you have to do is get your friends to join in the competition.

You can play along as an individual or in a group called a Pit Crew.  The Pit Crews compete against each other for bragging rights.  If you decide you want to give it a try, log on to   In 2003 I was a member of the Craftsman Truck series Championship crew, VT Bandits.

My player name is swellal and I have my own Pit Crews called Canuck Fever in the Nextel Cup, Busch, Craftsman Trucks and CASCAR series.   If you join us, or are already a member, please send me a message and say Hi!


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