My Father's Family

Clara and Ezra Lloyd
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This is a photo of my dad's parents, Ezra and Clara Lloyd. I do not know when this photo was taken.

On Nov. 15, 1917, at the age of 22, Ezra was ordered to report for medical examination at Barriefield Ont. prior to being drafted into the Canadian Army for service in the Canadian Expeditionary Force.

On July 4, 1918 he was sworn in for service at 1st Battalion, Eastern Ontario Regt.

It was becoming clear that the war was nearing an end and he was placed on leave without pay. In January of 1919 he was ordered to report to the Battalion in Belleville in order to be discharged. It is unclear whether he was even issued a uniform! He eventualy married Clara Gregg and moved to Kingston. He found work at the Alcan plant and was there until he retired.

Ben and Valeta Lloyd
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This is a photo of grandpa Lloyd's parents, Ben and Valeta Lloyd. This photo was likely taken at Plevna Ont. where they farmed for a living.

Another son of Ben and Valeta was Cardwell, (my great uncle, born 17 May, 1890) who married Laura Louise in Plevna. Cardwell joined the Canadian Army on 13 March 1916, at Kingston Ont.

He was assigned to the 146th Overseas Battn. Upon arrival in England he was transferred to the 95th Bttn. On the 1st of Dec. 1916, he was sent to the front lines to join the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles, 8th Brigade, 3rd Canadian Division.

April of 1917 found him fighting his way up the slopes of Vimy Ridge! There are many web sites that recount the battles of WW1, so I won't attempt that here. BUT ON 26 APRIL, AT VIMY RIDGE, CARDWELL LLOYD WAS WOUNDED BY SHRAPNEL IN BOTH ARMS AND NECK.! To the best of my knowledge the battle for the ridge was over by that time so I suspect he was wounded by previously un-exploded ordinance.

After treatment in hospitals in France, England and at Queen's Military Hospital in Canada, he was deemed "medically unfit for service because of his wounds" and discharged on 27 March, 1918.


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