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This web site is dedicated to my family, past, present, and future. Through these pages you can read about my family´s military service in both war and peace. You will also meet my children and grandchildren. A glimpse of the past, a look at the present, and our hope of the future. I hope you enjoy my efforts.

Our Military History

In the links below you will find pages dedicated to the WW1 and WWll service of my grandfather, Alfred “Misty” Mist. How he celebrated his 16th birthday in the fields of England, learning the art of trench warfare in WW1. How he signed up for service at the outbreak of WWll, was deemed “too old” for combat, and assigned as a drill Sgt. and then found himself in Dieppe! Then you can view an account of my father´s WWll service with the RCAF as part of 6 Bomber Group in the Yorkshire area of England. Then there is the account of my own peace time military service. First with the 4th RCHA, Canadian Army, then with the RCAF.


When you have viewed the site, please email me and tell me what you like and what you don't like. As well, if you have anything to add regarding either my father, or grandfathers, please do so.

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